Discover the 2015 edition of the Voiles de Saint Tropez !

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The Parc Montana is your “pied-à-terre” of choice during the event les Voiles de Saint Tropez.

The Voiles de Saint Tropez is a regatta that happens every year from the end of September until the begining of October. It is a regatta indeed, but not quite like any other. First of all, it distinguishes itself by its setting. From the village of Saint Tropez to the beach of Pampelonne, it is one of the most beautiful gulfs in the world that unveils itself from the sea. Incidentally, the Parc Montana is one of the best places to realize that.
It is also a regatta in which any kind of boats you can imagine confront each other. Over there, you will see a yacht right next to a race boat and the most recent models next to the most antique vessels. It is the perfect occasion to admire a large variety of ships and to discover different types of sailing.

The regatta from 1981 to nowadays

The story of the Voiles started on a night of 1981. Two skippers challenged each other. The purpose: leave the village, go around the now famous Nioulargo and finish the race in front of the club 55, a restaurant located on the beach of Pampelonne. From one year to another, the sailboats and other yachts take the same itinerary and follow the route of the Nioulargue. This happened until 1995, when the Mariette and the Taos Brett IV collided. This incident marked the end of the Nioulargue. In 1999, the regatta starts again under the name Voiles de Saint Tropez, and the Parc Montana was already receiving the friends of the sea. In 2014, the village has therefore celebrated the fifteenth edition of the regatta!

The Voiles de Saint Tropez from the Parc Montana

The Parc Montana welcomes you at the end of the summer and puts at your disposal camping spaces, bungalows and mobile homes. It offers you a privileded site, wheter you are a sailor or a sail amateur, and a high quality service so that your stay may be the most pleasant possible. From your accommodation, you will easily participate in the whole Voiles de Saint Tropez, or follow it while enjoying a 4 stars camping-club.


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