Caval’Eau Jet : Jet Ski in Cavalaire on 19-20 September 2015

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Are you interested in spending holidays near to Cavalaire at the end of the tourist season? The nice weather and outdoors activities are still a go in the French Riviera area. The sun and the sea are the guests of honor to attend the Jet Ski Championship in Cavalaire. If you stay at the Parc Montana camping in Gassin, you will be able to discover this sports show intended for adrenalin junkies.

A camping in nature and Jet Ski for the thrill

Nothing compares to the Parc Montana camping, in the nature, to truly disconnect from your everyday life. In September, it is always open and in very high demand offers its customers different types of activities, may that be inside or outside the campsite. If you ever feel like going to the bay of Cavalaire, you will witness a high quality show putting Jet Ski on the scene. Jet Ski has been very popular for a few years already, and it attracts more and more fans who enjoy sea sports for which steering skills are not an option. You can attend frenzied races where participants reach head-spinning speeds on the sea and challenge the risks of this sport.

Cavalaire, perfect place for the Jet Ski

Why here and not anywhere else, when the coastline offers so many kilometers of beaches? Simply because the bay of Calvaire is surrounded by two seawalls that make it the perfect place to attend a speed race show on the ocean. The audience will be able to choose where they want to see the race from while enjoying this sports and nature show. Enjoy the show that the best champions have to offer you, such as the Pastorello-Botti couple, while enjoying a climate whose secret belongs to the French Riviera only. You will be able to enjoy this show full of thrills if you stay at the Parc Montana. It is a very trendy beach sport that you will be able to discover this summer.


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