Harley Davidson Euro Festival 2015 Grimaud

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Go to discover one of the most famous motorbikes of Grimaud

Do you love going to the beach, enjoying the sun and Harley-Davidsons? Go to the Harley-Davidson Euro Festival which is held every year in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, at Grimaud. This charming village, clung to the hills, is only around ten kilometers from the camping Parc Montana. During four days, feel the heartbeat of endearing music. The Custom Bike Show is another event you should not miss at this time. As it is known all around Europe, the best creations will compete to try and win a prize in one of the many categories. Incidentally, why wouldn’t you bring your own custom motorbike? Who knows, you could win the renowned “Best in Show”? Although, even if you don’t participate, it’s still worth something to admire all those splendid vehicles gathered in one place. Also, remember to vote at “People’s Choice”! After a memorable day rich in sensations, the Harley Village cannot be overlooked. You will find there all sorts of beverages and a few restaurants.

More and more thrills!

The parade, which is usually held on the Saturday, is doubtless one of the most expected moments of the Harley-Davidson Euro Festival. This time, on the wharfs, the roaring chrome-plated vehicles will steal the multimillionaires yachts’ thunder. In total, thousands of bikers will gather to roam the streets of this Tropezian spa resort, before they dive into the narrow alleys of Grimaud. Are you tired of being just an admirer? It’s simple: be a part of the adventure! In the “Demo Area”, you will have the chance to mount a Harley Davidson for a few frenzied rounds. Those who are less tempted to ride will settle for the Dyno Jumpstart, equally pleasant to ride.
The atmosphere of the Harley Davidson Euro Festival is welcoming and friendly, for every generation. The encounters are natural and you can quickly establish relationships with other fans. It is one of the events not to be missed if you stay at the Parc Montana, especially if you want to get out of the idleness of your vacations in Saint-Tropez.