The Music Festival 2016 at Oasis Village!

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On 21 June, the Music Festival will be organised! For the event, the guests of Oasis Village may enjoy a great and festive night of entertainment.


A bit of history


It all started in 1982. At the time, Jack Lang is the Minister of Culture. Following a survey held in 1982 and with the help of Maurice Fleuret, director of music and dance of the Ministry, they both conclude that only one out of two youngsters plays a music instrument, and they therefore decide to create a major music event. On 21 June of that year, the day of summer solstice, the first Music Festival was organised!

The event is successful beyond expectations and thousands of visitors come to the Music Festival. All types and styles of music are present: in the streets all over France music is played, people are singing and dancing. Thanks to the great success of the festival, it is taken abroad from 1985. In 2015, it is organised in 120 countries. Don’t forget: music has no age; it is a great occasion to gather people for a great time.


The Music Festival at Oasis Village


Friendliness and sharing are the key-words for this entertainment night. For starters, a participative dinner is organised, where meals and drinks are served on a big table at the centre of the village. The team of Oasis Village also organises a big « neighbourhood barbecue » with drinks available at the central bar. The theme of this night is: full moon. 21 June is not only the day of summer solstice; it’s also the longest day of the year with a full moon. At night, the moon will enlighten this evening.

The entertainment will continue with a themed country music night! So put your jeans and hats on and fully enjoy the dancing floor! Beginners can participate in line-dancing, a typical country group dance that is easy to learn: the cowboys and girls of the dancing group will be happy to teach you all the steps. Fun, easy to learn and accessible to all ages!


So, wait no more and come celebrate the Music Festival with us at Oasis Village.

More information at the reception of the village club.