The Jasmine festival in Grasse of 31 to 2 August 2015

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You have a quick and easy access to Grasse from your location in the camping Parc Saint James Le Sourire in Villeneuve-Loubet

The Jasmine festival in Grasse is the opportunity to go out and have fun with your family. Organized since 1948, it marks the beginning of the harvesting of this flower, still cultivated in Grasse. It happens every year on the first week-end of August during three days in the historical center of the city and on the Cours Honoré Cresp. The proximity of your location in the camping “Le Sourire” allows you to go on the scene without any difficulty and to enjoy all the activities offered there.

The Jasmine festival is a colorful and perfumed event.

The celebration takes place from Friday to Sunday, offering varied animations for kids and adults, may it be during the day or at night. The flowered float parade is one of the highlights of this event. The crowd is sprayed with jasmine water and Miss Grasse and her heir apparents throw flowers to the participants, which will perfume your location when you go back to your camping Le Sourire. During the Jasmine festival, there is also a big firework, concerts, street performances, kids activities with water and wooden games, competition of flowered bicycles and “boules carrées” (square balls), parades with costumes and music, fanfares, flag-wavers, etc.
The Princess Pauline Mass is followed by a pre-dinner, offered by the locality. The aïoli (garlic mayonnaise) is honored in all the restaurants of the city, giving you a good opportunity to discover this culinary specialty from Provence in a festive atmosphere.


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