Food specialty in the French Riviera Area

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Counting among tourists favorite destinations, the French Riviera is appealing not only for its heavenly landscapes, but also for its cuisine with a taste of Italy.


The specialties come right from the city of Nice
The famous “pissaladière”, originating from the friendly city of Nice, is present in the whole part of Provence by the sea. Similar to a pizza, the base is made of a bread dough garnished with onions, often cooked as a “fondue”. Now what is the secret of a good “pissaladière”? The “pissalat”, of course! It is a salted cream made with sardines and anchovies. It is traditionally accompanied with olives and “caillettes” and is flavored with thyme, bay laurel and garlic. To be savored in the shade of a patio, with a rosé wine.
Wherever you go, whatever the bakery, you can only succumb to the “bagnat” bread, one of the most appreciated specialties from Nice. This sandwich looks like a wet bread with tomatoe juice and olive oil garnished with a niçoise salad. Originally, it was the fishermen snack which their wife had tenderly prepared for them. The anchovies, usually cheap, were quickly replaced by tuna, an expensive fish, but above all more refined, which is the version of the bagnat bread you can now enjoy in the Parc Saint James campings.
Present in the most famous French restaurants, cooked by the most talented chefs, such as Gedda or Vergé, the “ratatouille” is an established classic of the provençal cuisine. In your plate mix eggplants, tomatoes, zucchinis, bell peppers, garlic and onions to tickle you taste buds… Sprinkeld with a dash of olive oil, what a delight! Served cold or hot, as a side dish or main-course, everyone can enjoy it his own way.

Typical dishes not to be missed
We are at the begining of the 20th century, in Marseille. It’s the end of the day, the fishermen return to port and have supper on the beach. In a cooking pot, filled to the rim with boiling seawater, they used to dip the fishes impossible to sell. Then came the “croutons”, pieces of stale bread scrubbed with garlic, to accompany the broth. The original recipe was quickly adapted with the current taste, adding a fish stock and the “bouillabaisse” is nowadays a symbol of Marseille.
The “tapenade” is another specialty you absolutely need to taste when you come to the French Riviera! Filled with sunny flavors, it is a kind of sauce that you can stuff some meats with or that you can savor as is, served as a “canapé” with bread. It is often made of olives and capers, but it is also often pumped up with anchovy filets, pine kernels, garlic and/or tomatoes to enhance the flavors.


All our campsites offer a restaurant with local specialties, come and discover them!